WARMEX® Insulating Glass
WARMEX® Seals and Spacers for Insulating Glass represent a break-through in Insulating Glass performance. An optimised combination of an attractive metal spacer design with flexible and efficient gas sealing and thermal break insulation.

We offer
Licenses to manufacture and Market Sealed Insulating Glass Units with WARMEX® Seal.

· Use together with traditional metal spacers.
· Improve sealing against gas leak up to 20 times better than required by EuroNorm EN 1279-3
  for insulating glass with gas.
· Works with structural glazing with silicone bonding making also this type of glasunit gas tight to EN 1279 - 3.
· Improve edge insulation whereby reducing condensation still using metal spacer.
· Combines also with Nordicon Blind IG.

For more information
Please contact NORDICON Development Denmark

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