Plus Energy Windows - with dynamic shading
-The positive element in energy neutral buildings

The PlusEnergyWindows are the universal building elements for energy neutral buildings with neither heating nor cooling installation.

Together with energy efficient ventilation with heat-exchanger and optimal building envelope insulation to DoE recommendation, the Plus Energy Windows make buildings energy neutral.

Keeping heat in or out of buildings when needed under different weather conditions - and in different climatic zones - takes efficient dynamic solar shading. DoE recommends a SHGC variable from 50 to 10 %

Insulation can never be too good, although too well insulated windows tend to ice up in very cold weather. DoE recommends U-Factors as low as 0.10.

The Nordicon PlusEnergyWindows meet these requirements. Most window and glass combinations can be used in all the US climate zones. The label sample data equal those required by the National Fenestration Rating Council.

Download full documentation: (PDF: 63 KB)

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